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Save jointly with friends toward a goal.

With Stanite, you can forget about traditional savings accounts and start saving and borrowing money with your friends while earning interest. It's powered by the blockchain, so you can trust that your transactions are secure and private.

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Join the Revolutionary Credit Union Alternative

Stanite rotating savings program helps you earn interest on your savings, while keeping your money safe and secure. With Stanite, you can easily manage your savings and watch your money grow—all without the hassle of traditional banking savings accounts.

  • Smart Contract

    Securely grow your savings with Stanite's Rotating smart contract

  • Built on USDC

    Stanite supports a fiat-backed and fully audited stablecoin on its rotating Savings accounts.

  • Self-Custodial Wallet

    Create a secure and transparent Stable Coin Wallet with Stanite.

  • No volatility

    Get access to a reliable source of capital with Stanite's Rotating Savings program

  • Earn sustainable yield

    Integrated with a suite of DeFI yeilding Products to generate risk-free Interest.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is a Rotating saving?

      Rotating savings are a type of community savings program that involves putting money aside with your family and friends. Choose a trusted group of people and create your own circle, or join a circle that already exists. Each person contributes the same amount each month.
    • When do I recieve a payout?

      The smart contract will automatically pay out the round payment to the eligible receipient of each round. The payout will be sent to the wallet address that the member has registered with the smart contract.
    • How do I withdraw funds from a Savings circle?

      Select the Circle you wish to withdraw your funds from, Press withdraw button in the top right corner, if you are eligible to withdraw funds, you will be able to withdraw your funds to your wallet address.
    • Can I pay for all the cycles round at once?

      Yes, you can pay for all the cycles round at once. You can also pay for the cycles round as specified in the circle.
    • What type of asset does Stanite Savings support?

      The Stanite Saving Account only supoorts Stablecoins. We currently support only USDC. We are working on adding more stablecoin in the future but the Stanite wallet will support all types of ERC20 assets.
    • When am I eligible to withdraw funds from rotating savings?

      For you to be eligible, you must have participated in more than 3 cycles of the rotating savings.